What can you do to help?

Volunteers can join us in the following areas. Our volunteers can also offer to help us with their particular knowledge skills and requirements in different areas too.

Communication and Fundraising Volunteer 

  • Monitoring our accounts on Social Media, monitoring and reporting on other institutions on Social Media
  • Presenting the work of the Foundation at primary, secondary and university events
  • Forming autism support clubs or groups at secondary and universities and helping to organise awareness and fundraising events
  • Taking part and organising event booths at fairs etc.
  • Providing support for organisation and events
  • Working on fundraising activities (in kind or cash)
  • Raising funds for scholarships

Awareness Volunteer

  • Meetings and presentations at institutions and schools which the volunteer has relationships with
  • Presentations on the dissemination of “integration”
  • Work on disseminating existing campaigns to the volunteer’s locality

Office Support Volunteer

  • Finding and collating news, reports, videos published internationally
  • Translation work
  • General support for the office

Project Volunteer

  • Volunteering on the Foundation’s various projects on a need basis

Volunteering Procedures

Steps to follow our volunteer applicants are:

  • Apply
  • Foundation introduction presentation
  • Determining the areas and timing of work for our volunteers
  • Training and on the job training for our volunteers according to the areas of focus
  • Volunteering
  • Motivational events for our volunteers held from time to time

Our volunteering process is as follows:

  • Volunteer candidates are invited to our monthly Foundation meetings by email and/or sms
  • Volunteers who join our meetings and fill out our an application form must decide which areas they wish to work in and the times they have available to volunteer
  • Volunteering candidates are given the necessary training and on the job training in the subjects which they are going to focus on
  • We organise events to allow our volunteers to mix with each other and with Foundation professionals in order to get to know each other better
  • We expect our volunteers to be able to provide organised and continuous work
  • When unable to attend we expect our Volunteers to inform their Volunteering Representative
  • Our Volunteers are expected to keep up to date with the email and whatsapp groups which the Foundation has set up to communicate with them.

Working Principles for Volunteers

We, the Volunteers for the Tohum Autism Foundation, see ourselves as the Foundation’s complementary value enhancers. We believe our effective team work with Foundation professionals, their families and the children, can genuinely effect change and have an impact.

  • We will never discriminate Foundation professionals, the children or their families on the basis of, to name a few, their appearance, sex, religion, language, nationality, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation;
  • To work through being respectful of the differences of others and their human rights makes us, we believe, much stronger;
  • Any and all views, suggestions and thoughts we encounter through the Foundation and the work we do for it we aim to share with our Volunteering Representative
  • We will always try our best to inform our Volunteering Representative of any absentee days

Through our interactions with Foundation staff, the children and their families, we are in a bilateral learning and communication relationship which we hope will enhance our experience and our knowledge so as to be useful in our personal and professional lives.

Working Principles for how the Foundation works with Volunteers

We, the Foundation staff, see our Volunteers as complementing our Foundation and as value enhancers. When we work together with our Volunteers effectively as a strong team on projects, we believe that we can effect genuine change and have an important impact. In line with these beliefs, we will adhere to the following working principles:

  • We do not discriminate Volunteers on the basis of their appearance, sex, religion, language, nationality, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation;
  • We believe that working with our Volunteers on the basis of respect for differences and human rights makes us all stronger
  • We place importance on our Volunteers areas of interest and their skills
  • We ensure that we listen to, take note of our Volunteers suggestions and support them with positive and continue feedback in order to increase their level of participation
  • We provide comfortable, fund and informative environments for them to work in
  • It is important for us that our Volunteers are involved in and have an impact on all of the processes which we have in the Foundation
  • We make sure we immediately solve any problems our Volunteers have with the Foundation
  • We work with them to ascertain their teaching requirements and to strengthen their training
  • We learn from our Volunteers by being in constant dialogue withe them to ensure both sides gain knowledge and experience which will be useful in all our personal and professional lives.

We thank our Volunteers for sharing their energy, effort, time and their hearts with us.