Who We Are

About Us

The Tohum Autism Early Diagnosis and Education Foundation is a non-profit, for public benefit health and education organisation established on 15 April 2003 to promote the early diagnosis of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (“ASD”), to ensure their specialist education in order to integrate them into the community and to disseminate this nationally.

Our vision

Our vision is to ensure the early diagnosis of children with ASD in Turkey, the health, education, the acquisition of a profession, employment, independent life and the integration of children who have been diagnosed and their families, according to world class standards. In addition meeting the needs of those children and young people who require specialist education for their integrated learning.

Our mission

For those children who have been given a diagnosis of ASD, for young people and their families; also for those children and young people as well as their families who require specialist education for their intergratd learning.

  • To meet their information and support needs in order that they may lead lives in a civil society,
  • To cultivate teaching cadres and to ensure that education and research takes place,
  • To increase capacity in related fields as well as in specialist teaching and integrated learning and to help Turkey fill the gap of missing teaching professionals;
  • To support and help improve health and education services nationally,
  • Work towards improving legal frameworks and policies
  • Educate the general public
  • To effectively cooperate with other public and private institutions to work towards mutual goals
  • To bring ASD diagnostics, detailed assessment and diagnosis put to world standards and disseminate nationally
  • To ensure that children with ASD get specialist intensive education, to create capacity for them to have the least intrusive educational environment through to integrate in all of the stages of their life
  • To create a model school which uses the PCDI[1] program to teach children and young people with ASD and to disseminate the program nationally.

[1] PCDI: Princeton Child Development Institute has been providing education to children with ASD for over 40 years; it has a community based and rich syllabus and is known globally for its scientific and fact based applications, its research and dissemination work. Our School is a branch of the PCDI dissemination and provides education through their know-how.

Our Principles

  • Science orientated
  • Leadership and Leading
  • Partnership
  • Communication and cooperation between institutions
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in resources
  • Trustworthiness
  • Transparency
  • Value humanity and children and protect their right to receive the best services