Important Information

Important Information

Educational diagnosis and the placement process, educational options available for different age groups, frequently asked questions, and important information on ASD.

Who is qualified to teach children with ASD?

Special education teachers who will be working with children who have ASD must possess basic level general and special education skills and qualifications.

Educational Diagnosis and Placement

The educational evaluation and diagnosis of a child are determined through various tests and measurement tools appropriate for the individual that are given by Special Education Evaluation Boards established at Counselling and Research Centers.

Educational Options For Different Age Groups

After the child’s educational diagnosis has been determined, an age-appropriate plan is formulated and thereafter coordinated by the Special Education Evaluation Board under the aegis of the Counselling and Research Center.

Educational Environments

After the children are evaluated, they are directed to suitable educational environments such as Integrated Education, Special Education Classrooms, Special Education Application Centers, Special Education Vocational Practice Centers.

Objections and Procedures

Parents can object and challenge diagnoses and placement decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find questions and answers regarding the fields and work that the Tohum Autism Foundation does.

Mistakes Known As Truhts

Autism Spectrum Disorder is perceived differently and misunderstood in our country. You can find the well-known mistakes and truths about autism in this section.